Overcome  local setup and operational challenges
using Migrate’s range of technical proficiencies:

  • Human Resources – from recruitment to subcontracting
  • Corporate Affairs – handling of licenses, permits, public affairs
  • Business Support – secretarial and administrative support
  • Financial services – accounting and management reporting
  • Infrastructure services – offices, IT support and travel

Business Support Services

Our Business Support Services include but are not limited to:

Administrative Support

Migrate provides full administrative support. We customize all aspects of office-related procedures for our clients’ needs, and use only the highest software and documentation processes.

Project Support

Migrate offers customized support services for projects through data collection, research, and design composition of business materials. Migrate manages all necessary project steps to ensure your project’s development and sustainability.

Marketing and Sales Support

Migrate will edit your marketing materials and support your sales functions by overseeing the production and distribution of marketing and sales materials. Migrate’s Marketing and Sales support expertise ensures that our client’s mission, goals and products are visible to local, regional, and international markets.

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Financial Services

Migrate recognizes that every business, large and small, has financial services needs. Migrate offers a full suite of financial services, performed by experienced professionals who follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Our Financial Services Division provides our clients with prompt, professional, and accurate reports, generating the knowledge and security they need to run their company, and freeing up resources to focus on core business needs.

Our services have been designed to provide every function that a typical in-house accounting department could, but at lower costs.

Some of these services include:

  • Accounts Payable Management – Vendor invoices are automatically sent to Migrate staff. On a regular schedule, dictated by you, Migrate will supply an accounts payable report of all open vendor bills. You simply indicate which bills you’d like paid and we take it from there.
  • Accounts Receivable Management – Migrate staff creates invoices based on the information you provide. Once the invoice is created we send it to you for approval. Delivery to client is 100% customizable to best suit your needs.
  • Payroll Management – Migrate will process your regular payroll via a 3rd party payroll provider. This includes employee management in payroll system, recording gross payroll, employer taxes and other payroll expenses.
  • Collections Management – Migrate is capable of performing initial rounds of collections on delinquent invoices.
  • Bookkeeping – Migrate provides its clients with detailed financial reports for both internal and external purposes, customized in accordance with our clients’ individual needs. Accurate financial reports help our clients analyze their operational activities to optimize their business plans and operations, and manage their business in an efficient and effective manner. Regular reports include: Balance Sheet, Sales Report, Cash Flow Report, Income Statement, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable Report.
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